Infection Control Treatment - Kill 99.999% Viruses at your Office, Warehouse, and Delivery Vehicles

Offer Valid: 08/31/2020 - 09/30/2020
Disinfect To Protect - 10% off Chamber Members
Disinfect To Protect - Infection Control Treatment

Viruses, Coronavirus, Flu, Norovirus, RSV, MRSA, Staph, Rotovirus - All Killed with our Electrostatic Spraying and ULV Fogging.  Coverage from floor to ceiling, no-wipe, sets in 20 minutes, respiratory friendly, non-corrosive on computers, desks, leather/vinyl.

Kill Coronavirus at you Office - Essential, BEFORE you Re-open, or Positive Test Results.
Homes - Hospital visit? New Baby? NEW HOME - get rid of the old owners GERMS!
Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Buses, Personal Cars ?   Are they Sanitized or Disinfected?

10% off for MOKENA Chamber Members
Based on $. 20 sq ft - 30 day follow up appointment discounted to $ .10 sq ft
Appointments Required - 48 hour notice or Emergency Service Available
Call Patrice and Tom 708-888-2008
Fresh Air Experts, LLC
Disinfecting Spray Service


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